Photos from the Manx Telecom Parish Walk on Saturday 22 June 2013 (and into Sunday) have been published in two file sizes. The small ones were published whilst the walk was still in progress; the full resolution versions took a further two days to upload.

Sit back and enjoy the sights or download copies for just £1 a time with 90p a time going to charity. Printed copies can also be ordered (select Isle of Man as a county not a country for cheaper postage)

Thanks to Mike Lambden, Neil Wilson, Karen Kneale, Ben Lambden and Vincent Campbell for the photographs (alongside my own).

Murray Lambden 24 June 2013
RegistrationStart - small filesStart - full size filesBraddan - small filesBraddan - full size filesUnion Mills - small filesUnion Mills - full size filesOrrisdale - small filesOrrisdale - full size filesSloc - small filesSloc - full size filesPeel - small filesPeel - full size filesNorth and East - small filesNorth and East - full size filesFinish - small filesFinish - full size filesVincent Campbell's photos smallVincent Campbell's full size photos